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Re: WordPress access to bbPress Functions



Hey guys – there are different levels of integration between WordPress and bbPress (these definitions are from Sam):

* User database integration – Sharing of user data tables with WordPress

* Cookie integration – Sharing of login cookies with WordPress

* Deep integration – Including the WordPress codebase (PHP) inside bbPress to allow use of WordPress functions inside bbPress

bbPress supports all of these (although cookie integration between some versions wasn’t supported until user plugins were created fairly recently).

I think what was asked was reverse deep integration, so to speak? Where instead of normal deep integration (allowing you to call WordPress from inside of bbPress), it would work the other way around (where you could call bbPress from inside of WordPress).

I think that’s where Sam is drawing the line re: integration, although I could be misunderstanding. He’s definitely said recently that he’s supporting normal deep integration (allowing users to call WordPress functions from inside of bbPress), so all deep integration isn’t off the table. My guess would be that it’s easier for Sam to program bbPress to support WordPress… than to demand that WordPress engineers program in full deep integration for bbPress.

Incidentally, I pull bbPress discussions onto my WordPress using the Latest Discussion plugins and it works great!

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