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Re: WordPress access to bbPress Functions



Gotta say, that was not the answer I was expecting, since there are so many posts on these forums advising exactly that solution. I also am a little confused about why you would intentionally limit the interaction between these two–obviously intended to work together–apps, but I’m sure there are complexities here that I don’t understand, and I certainly understand needing to draw the line somewhere, especially at this early stage of development.

As for using bbPress Live, that’s what I initially tried to do, but it hasn’t been updated since October of last year, and doesn’t work with WordPress 2.8, so that’s not really an option. If it did work with 2.8 I would be more than happy to use it instead of including bbPress in WordPress, as it apparently provides all the functionality I would need. Any chance an update is on its way soon?

All I really need is the ability to pull the latest discussions list and the forums list into my WordPress home page. Any other suggestions are welcome.

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