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Re: WordPress access to bbPress Functions



If you’re not coding bbPress to work nicely with WordPress, then it’s not going to become a well known and widely used platform. The statement “…I won’t be writing support for this into bbPress at all, even if someone patches it to work. I gotta draw the line on integration somewhere…” come across as hostile and petty – Potentially giving bbPress bad PR.

I’ve had nothing but hell trying to get this to work properly and when talking to PHP coders, every single one of them has told me not to use it (these are guys that code for a living). They’ve given me alternatives, when I asked why, they said there’s not a lot of support (that there should be more) and the fact that it does not play well with WordPress (when they suggest, given the origins of bbPress, it should).

This is unfortunate; and sad.

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