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Re: WordPress 2.7 options



Here’s a good reason from the WordPress release archive:

“None of these are safe to use, except the latest in

the 2.7 series, which is actively maintained.”

If someone was using a version earlier than 2.7.1 and got hacked, the WordPress forums would be all over them to upgrade and telling them getting hacked is their own fault for not staying up to date.

I run 2.7 vs 2.5 because the admin interface is so much better, IMO. I know some people hate it, but any time I use the admin of a WordPress site prior to version 2.7 I look at it and wonder how I got anything done.

I don’t think criticizing people’s choice to run the latest version of WordPress is helpful in getting bbPress on board with supporting it. 2.5 was released back in March 2008 and presumably work on 2.6 started around that time. That’s almost a year now that bbPress has had a chance to get cookie compatible with 2.6 and later. The alpha versions are compatible, but alpha is bleeding edge and unstable for production use. So, saying alpha is cookie compatible doesn’t help either, since that’s not been recommended for production use by anyone. You can look at alpha and see that 1.0 WILL be compatible, but WHEN?

I mean, bbPress docs still mention that it should integrate with the latest version of WordPress in the 2.5 series, and tells you how to deal with running OLDER versions. That’s pretty sad for software that focuses on “ease of integration” with WordPress.

Now, all this aside: I still can’t figure out why people want integrated logins, why they have users that both post to a blog and post in a forum. But, I don’t ask why. You can push the software around however you want. I don’t understand that but I do understand the frustration with not being able to get that to work.

Frustrations two and three:

2. getting bbPress to look like WordPress (that’s integration to many people)

3. setting up permalinks does not work like WordPress (you make the change in WordPress admin and WordPress modifies the .htaccess file. bbPress does not.)

Fix those things and the number of support requests here would be cut in half, possibly more, and we could focus on pointing people to or creating cool plugins to do everything they want to do with bbPress.

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