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Re: WordPress 2.7 options

AFAIK, nobody’s worked out the WordPress 2.7/bbPress 0.9.x cookie/signin integration yet. If it comes, I’m betting it will take the form of a user-generated plugin… I don’t get the feeling that it’s on the official roadmap.

I agree that point upgrades to address compatibility would be nice! But I’m pretty sure that bbPress isn’t enough of a priority within Automattic yet to get the resources to make that happen. It sounds like that may happen within the next year tho.

As for the current state of things: I don’t think bbPress 1.0 is stable yet and more importantly, a good number the most popular 0.9 plugins aren’t yet fully compatible with 1.0. But that may change in a few months! In the meantime, I am hoping that bbPress 0.9 cookie/signin compatibility with the latest WordPress versions becomes possible with a plugin. :-)

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