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Re: WordPress 2.6 – problems logging in



The trouble is that the developers on the WP side, in their wisdom ;) decided to re-use an existing cookie name for a new purpose and change the cookie path.

The idea is higher security as the admin cookie in theory should only get transmitted when you are entering the admin section.

This is why you need to try deleting all your cookies (for your site) after installing WP 2.6

If that fails, try my define fix above.

Note that changing the cookie path to ‘/’ takes you back to the lower level of security that WP 2.5.1 and earlier had. There’s a particular WP mod who’s upset with me for even suggesting this but I figured the idea is to get you up and running ASAP first until they address this later.

Also, none of this truly fixes WP 2.6 to work properly with cookie integration with bbPress – that’s going to require an upgrade on the bbPress side.

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