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Re: Windows (Apache2/PHP/5.2.6/MySQL5.1.30)

I was not referring to me modifying the core, but rather suggesting that the developers modify it for a future release of bbPress.

SMTP is a major mail API. It can be handled transparently by bbPress with the existing underlying PHP support of the ‘mail()’ function. Seems like a one line (and transparent to existing systems) change in bbPress would be preferable to requiring bbPress admins to discover the issue, debug it, and then find and install a plugin. It would have also prevented me (and judging from the forum topics, others) from spending our (and your) time on the issue as well. Perhaps I am missing something about the development and distribution of bbPress, but using a plugin for a 1 line change is putting a sledgehammer to a tack. Especially since a system presumably built for *nix systems goes into a Windows environment (and rather an unusual one at that; IIS being generally preferred to Apache in that world) rather well. Just my 2c worth.

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