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Re: Why is phpBB better than bbPress?

Ben L.


Other than changing and deleting their own username, those are all great ideas! Changing usernames messes up lots of code, and deleting your own account?!

The Role Manager has been submitted to the bbPress Plugin Repository – in some future version, it will have 0.9 compatibility (if 1.0 isn’t released first).

The BuddyPress PM plugin is for WordPress MU, not bbPress, so you’d be switching over from a forum to a blog hosting social network. The existing PM plugin probably needs to be scrapped — it would be easier to start over (for me, at least), but importing the old data would help everyone that had Private Messaging installed.

The avatars plugin (in my opinion) is doing the right thing the wrong way. By making the plugin a “real plugin” (no editing core files, no putting files into other directories) and splitting the avatars into separate folders, the plugin would be a lot better.

As for resetting passwords, or for that matter, the entire password system of bbPress as a whole, the idea is already being discussed.

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