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Re: Why is phpBB better than bbPress?

A good role manager would be awesome. Right now I have to create a new plugin every time I create a new Role… kind of a pain.

If someone took the existing PM code and then refactored it and removed security holes… that would be huge. It’d be particularly awesome if it used the same database model, so the old PM’s were still readable! I’ve heard BuddyPress is working on a PM plugin, so I was considering just switching over to that (if I could use it without installing BuddyPress).

The Avatars plugin out there is hard to configure (there are at least 3 separate files you have to install in different places), and it dumps all avatars in a single folder (not sure if that scales). It’d be fantastic if someone could clean that up.

Fundamentally, bbPress needs better user account management. Users can’t easily reset their passwords or look up their usernames… and there’s no ability to change or delete your own username. Those would be huge additions.

Thanks for asking!!

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