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Re: Why is integration so troublesome?



Well we know what causes “anonymous” to show up, it’s because bbPress is not creating the display name for the user when the user registers on the bbPress side and then goes to use WordPress.

The question is, why is this suddenly happening when bbPress is supposed to create it already. This might be a question for Sam – but I hope he can reproduce the problem.

Did you add the above code to insert the display name?

I hope I didn’t lead you wrong by implying you should try 2.6 because that will be incompatible with bbPress 0.9

2.6 has compatibility with bbPress 1.0 alpha but a few plugins won’t work with the alpha yet (like bb-topic-views)

Oh and the display name persists in 1.0 alpha and is on line 487 in pluggable. I’ve filed a trac report:

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