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Re: Which filter/action hook should I use?

I am pretty busy at the moment… and you are rather amazing at creating these plugins…

I was thinking that when generating the quoted text it would show up at the top of the textarea like this:


so you really like ascii?

| that’s pretty cool


| Yeah, I love ascii… I’m a geek, afterall

When generating that quoted text, it would be necessary to find an existing quote within the post and remove that, so the quote of a post that quotes another post then would only have the actual post. (boy was that confusing) It should be simple enough to remove anything between


Then on display there should be a hook to find a pair of


and replace it with a div that we can then style correctly. By only allowing a pair then you would prevent breaking divs. If the post submitter screwed up the

tags, then their post would just not make sense, but wouldn’t break the design of the page.

This is similar to the way invision does it, and it seems like a reasonable way to handle it.

Make sense?

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