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Re: When bbpress 1.0.3?



The latest Trunk has a few little glitches, but my singular site running the “trunk” version on and off for the last 6-8 weeks has been holding up very nicely indeed.

Gautum (et. all) have been doing some stellar work, and the fact that we’re finding more bugs to fix is never a bad thing. I’ve no issue with us bouncing around from 0 to 5 bugs as we make everything more stable – and really, it’s close to stable now just slightly less table than say a month ago.

We officially cleared the 1.0.3 trac que 2 weeks ago, and I’m sure we’ll do it again soon. Of course we’ll need someone to actually make the decision to package and release though…


The big issue I have with 1.0.3 is that one of the outstanding bugs (#1228) is needing to be fixed in BackPress before we can release.

Given that we’re Leaderless, i’m wondering how’s taking control of that and communicating it with the BackPress team, and if we’re actually going to wait on a new version of BackPress to be released before we consider releasing 1.0.3? When is that new version of BackPress likely to arrive?

Who’s making these decisions?

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