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Re: What’s the state of WordPress theme integration?



Hi Chris,

I’ve actually made a plugin that makes theme integration between BBpress and WordPress an absolute breeze (one click!), but it used to require one of my customized baseline theme’s.

Last week I converted it to work with any standard BBpress installation but alas hit some bugs in the BBpress core. I have posted about them, but have had no reply yet. You can find the post here:

Basically all of my original customized themes have a far more usable div nesting in the header and footer, so that it matched 3 of the most common wordpress theme’s (standard, sandboz, K2); thus anyone loading up an integrated BBpress would see their own website styling/menus etc. While not 100% accurate, it saved me a great deal of time when customising.

But then last week i converted this into a much better plugin. It reads the directory of the wordpress theme you are using and automatically outputs the WordPress theme’s header and footer files with the necessary BBpress code injected. It effectively encapsulates your BBpress forum inside wordpress pages for seemlesss moving around (basically like simpleforums).

But the whole thing’s on pause until we can get answer to . On a side note, as someone who is attempting to build plugins for BBpress, getting answers to questions like these to help development is really difficult, and the standard answer of “read other plugins that’s how i learnt” really doesn’t help when you come up against something new. Maybe we should have a plugin developer section (as the current plugin section has become a request section)?

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