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Re: What's happening with bbPress?



Thanks for the info Dailytalker, always great to hear real world examples.

The issues i have is that almost all of features which your users could use are availible for BBpress as a plugin. TinyMCE, Quotes, report users/posts, are all availible as plugins. Changing login requirements and temporary bans are also availible as a plugin.

Private messaging (and there is a plugin) is a funny one because some people love it, most think its useless when there’s such a thing as e-mail. Not to mention it just leads to added spam.

“high security level no spam” is something i doubt, because so far, no-one has been able to elimate spam. Google/microsoft/apple – you name it – they get spam. Its more than likely that your particular board got no to little spam, and it was picked up.

For me, these 2 stand out:

you could move posts from one topic to another in a very easy and very nice way

sophisticated admin-section

These are the issues i face with BBpress everyday. I know that different people will be faced with different problems, but when we simply can’t fully administer BBpress, surely its the feature that has to come first.

If you dont mind me saying also DailyTalker, your old forum looks far more like a forum than your new BBpress one (which looks very plain and boring). I’d definately suggest creating a theme to make your two forums look the same. This will make life easier for the users :)

Thanks for the discussion, and have a merry christmas.

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