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Re: What's happening with bbPress?



Kevin, you can check yourself:

Old forum:

(I had pretty urls before but I removed them when I moved this forum into another folder.)

New forum:

The old forum had a tinymce-editor with a lot of cool features…drop-down menu for font-size, drop-down menu for different font-style, drop-down menu for different font-color, you could put some letters up (for example “CO2” you could write with the 2 higher than the other letters and also deeper etc.) movies, pictures, links, quotes with name of the original author, message function to reporte abusive messages to the moderators, you could temporary ban members, you could move posts from one topic to another in a very easy and very nice way, sophisticated privat messaging, high security level no spam, you could in an easy way change the login requirements, sophisticated admin-section, admins could see the IP-Number of the visitors, very easy mod (=plugins) upload through integrated ftp-upload, ssi-functions and so on….

The change to bbpress was not an easy decision for me. In my opinion bbpress is still an adventure. Many bbpress-projects are on release candidate level. I used SMF for 3 years and was happy. The problem is that I also have blogs on wordpress and wordpress mu. I had some problems with integration of SMF into wordpress. There are certainly some very old bridges but the different codings didn’t make it easy to me. I integrated SMF with SSI-Functions to wordpress…but I think that because of the similiar coding bbpress is much easier to integrate into wordpress. Thats why I finally decided to give bbpress a chance. I’m somebody who likes to try out new or other things. ;-)

@hpguru, what you say is not true at all!!! I never ever had problems with spam when I used SMF!!! SMF offers different register opportunities. They have in the admin-section a so called registration management which offers four different options for registration:

1) Registration Disabled:

Disables the registration process, which means that no new members can register to join your forum.

2) Immediate Registration

New members can login and post immediately after registering on your forum.

3) Member Activation

When this option is enabled any members registering to the forum will have a activation link emailed to them which they must click before they can become full members

4) Member Approval

This option will make it so all new members registering to your forum will need to be approved by the admin before they become members.

Further they have captcha-codes which need to be entered in a registration field. (You can even change the level of those codes. They have different difficulty-levels).

New updates are shown in the admin section…is very simliar to wordpress and you can easy update with integrated ftp-upload.

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