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Re: What's happening with bbPress?



@Alex Luft – Focused intent within a community can move mountains! :-)

@Michael888 – As of now, BuddyPress works only with WPMU. It does not run as a standalone, because it is built as a set of plugins. Rumors said that the code for WP single user and WPMU would merge soon. I still have a test community area with everything installed and it’s the ideal combo. Didn’t transfer the blog there because of the announced merge… have been waiting for a year now. If the social network capability is urgent for you, you may want to use WPMU for the time being, and merge later.

BuddyPress is another good reason why I don’t see bbPress coming to an end. A forum is an integral part of the social networking (group forums, etc.). BP itself relies on bbPress currently. From their site:

Groups also include a group forum (bbPress), and wire where group members can engage in discussions.

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