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Re: What's happening with bbPress?



Hi all

I downloaded bbPress about a week and a bit ago, and I find it extremely user-friendly. It’s such a pity it had to come to an end.

It’s also unfortunate to hear that it had ended mostly based on the fact that Sam left – a replacement could have been appointed to continue developing such great forum software.

Unlike most forum software – bbPress is extremely easy to extend. This is one of the reasons I am using it. It’s compatibility is great.

If I was able to – I would continue the development of bbPress myself – though it would not feel right as I am not part of Automattic, thus I do not have the rights to the source-code. All I can do for now is work on what I have, and continue using bbPress for as long as possible.

At present, I run a [new] development community called dev:station (, proudly powered by bbPress. The only reason I would switch from bbPress is to extend my concept in to a social-site, instead of a forum-based site.

I really do hope that, in the future, bbPress will be re-incarnated – maybe as something completely new. In fact, if anything, that would be a good idea: Create a new package. Start from scratch.

Furthermore, WordPress still uses bbPress for its forum – I doubt that it will be gone for too long.

@buddha trance: I completely agree with you – I think we should keep it alive and kicking. If anything, Automattic may realize that bbPress should be in continual development. It would make me very happy, if not everyone else.

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