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Re: What's happening with bbPress?



Hi Matt,

It really is amazing that you’re helping out with BBpress, it’s clearly something you love as much as we do, and we desperately try not to sound ungrateful.

The issue is that when there is no project management, then it’s a bit like herding cats (to quote Jane @ WordPress ;-] ). We all know and apprecaite that you’re busy and that BBpress is going to take a back seat sometimes, that’s to be expected mate. But you can’t have it both ways.

You can’t have a project where the project lead, lead developer, decision maker and talisman disappears for weeks on end; and then also seem unhappy when that doesn’t go down well.

Can you imagine if you released a version of WordPress without beta testing, bulked up the code by 50%, made it 50% slower, broke most plugins, didn’t have any documentation, had all the development team quit, have all bar 1 moderator quit, then leave it for 8 months not entirely working… What sort of response would there be on the WordPress forums? Maybe a bit Chicken Little.

Matt, i’m not a popular guy around here, my french/celtic phrasing winds people up when it’s not my intention at all, trult i apologise if I’ve done that with yourself too. But you’re looking at this from someone who’s been really involved since November, while those of us who’ve been here through 0.9 and 1.02 have a different very viewpoint.

Matt, you have WP3.0, the WPfoundation, maybe BuddyPress1.2, WPcamps, travel, as well as the normal day to day stuff to deal with. Man, we know you’re hella busy and we appreciate your time. But maybe you have to manage expectations a little here. Set some dates, say some hard truths, y’know, actual information “Relax. We’ve done this before” is probably the scariest thing i’ve read on the BBpress forum.

We greatly apprecaite your time mate, maybe you could apprecaite ours by giving us a heads up every now and then, rather than after the fact. Some clever soul built a blogging platform to make it easy to post info on :)


There is no date because it’s hard for me to predict how much time I have



“We take a page from the world of project management and we make a project plan before we jump into the dev cycle…and set a realistic release date that we stick to”

Take Care everyone.

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