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Re: What's happening with bbPress?



I wish as much effort went into more productive activity

Like what mate?



We’ve been sitting with a semi-functioning release for over 6 months, and there’s a new version coming out at some unknown point in the future, and given the track record, we can’t develop anything for it becasue BBpress releases = break loads of things from before.

Heck even your single solitary remaining moderator has told people that. (i don’t want to requote chris too much, he’s been a great mod who’s workign his socks off here, and don’t want to back him into a corner).

With the upmost respect bud, we can only go on what we’re told. And we’re told to check the blog, then we’re told to check the weekly IRC logs, then we’re told to check trac updates, then we’re told to check commits etc etc. Every time someone pulls a “chicken little” the place they’re told to check for updates doesn’t have any, and then they come back a bit more worried.

We’re not intentionally pulling a “chicken little” every 10 mins matey, we’re just trying to keep up. It takes very little time (thanks to a wonderful blogging platform ;-] ) to post saying “no irc chat for 3 weeks folks”, and the problem is solved.

Much like spam, it’s best prevented before it sets in, rather than being unhappy about it afterwards. May i suggest that less of the “Wizard of Oz” routine (man behind the curtain saying all is well) might diminish some of the “Chiken Little” routine that seems to irk? Maybe communication could be considered your Akismet :)

What i’m not sure you get it mate (and you might, so i’ll apologise if you do), that alot of us are in limbo with this. We’re all in a holding pattern waiting for this mythical next release, and man, we want to help. But with no communication, its really hard.

That said, really hope you had a great time on your travels :D

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