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Re: What's happening with bbPress?



Here’s a little bad news re: BuddyPress (well for me anyway):

I asked Andy (one of the lead developers of BuddyPress) and there will probably never be a proper out-of-the-box way to have multiple bbPress installs integrated with a single BuddyPress install (unless of course someone develops a plugin to do so independent of BuddyPress’s standard release)

Looks like it will be one bbPress install paired with one BuddyPress install integration wise.

For most folks this is not a major deal but I personally didn’t like this. I was excited about the idea of tons of bbPress forums integrated together (same user database) working properly with one BuddyPress install. oh well.

The sticking point? The ‘activity stream’ is tricky when it comes to showing bbPress forum activity. I got the multiple bbPress installs working in the sense that they all shared the same user databases but the ‘activity stream’ didn’t want to show the forum activity on the various independent bbPress installs.

The thing I dislike the most about BuddyPress is how the ‘activity stream’ is in relation to ‘Groups’ and, you guessed it, bbPress. Still having a dog of a time getting these things to work together with a NORMAL one-to-one BuddyPress bbPress integration!!!

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