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Re: What version to use for a new project?



Txanny, it’s hard to say as you’re talking about 6 months down the line, but if it was me i’d leave BBpress until the end of your development cycle. We’ve no idea what the 1.0 alpha is going to look like in 6 months, as the next release is going to break 2/3 of all plugins and none are being updated for some time, and _ck_ herself has stated she’s not fixing any of hers until 1.1 .

Given that 1.0alpha came out in September 16th last year and isn’t anywhere close to being out of alpha just now (some 6 months later), I’d suggest not making a decision on which BBpress version for quite some time yet, at least until 1.0alpha7 and we can see what the plugin fall out is.

If it was me though, i’d go with 0.9. it works well, the plugins work, development on it can continue, and it’s stable.

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