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Re: What do your posters see when their posts as flagged by Akismet?



Here is an untested variation of Mark’s WP plugin for bbPress, it’s a little more sophisticated in that it tries to return the person back to the topic they were in if it exists or if they were starting a topic, to the forum they were posting in.

Plugin Name: Moderation Notification
Author: _ck_

add_action( 'bb_post.php', 'moderation_notification', 999);
add_action( 'bb_head', 'moderation_notification_alert', 999);

function moderation_notification($post_id) {
if (empty($post_id)) {return;} // invalid post
$post = bb_get_post($post_id);
if ($post->post_status==0) {return;} // not moderated

if ($post->post_position>1) {
$link = get_topic_last_post_link($post->topic_id); // return them to the last known good post in the topic
} else {
$link = get_forum_link($post->forum_id); // return them to the forum that they posted in since there's no valid topic yet

$link=add_query_arg('moderated','true',$link); // set the flag


function moderation_notification_alert() {
if (!isset($_GET['moderated'])) {return;}
$out = <<<EOF
<script type="text/javascript">
alert ("You post was successfully processed, \n\n however it was placed on hold and will appear once a moderator verifies that it is not spam.\n\n Please be patient and do not resubmit your comment.");
echo $out;


You can see the notice by putting ?moderated=true on one of your urls

I don’t recommend trying to purposely cause spam to test it because akismet might flag you globally as a spammer and you’ll end up being bozo’ed across multiple forums/blogs.

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