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Re: What do you do with long user names?

“ganzua, can you post a link to your forum so we can take a look at the html/css?”

-> I didn’t upload yet, sorry, as soon as I finish I’ll post a link so you can check everything. :) I’m working in my computer yet.

I integrated wp and bb, and I removed bbpress header, footer and stylesheet. Now I’m using wp header, footer, sidebar and stylesheet for both, wp and bb.

I still have to find out what to do with login and profile forms because I have two instances of each one, one for bbpress and one for wp.

Besides I have to find out how to integrate emoticons, toolbar in forms (I have quicktags in bb and tinymce in wordpress) , post count, avatars… In fact I do not even know if all this is possible.

“to get both IE6 and IE7 on the same Windows machine, check this out:


-> Thanks for the tip! I’m checking the link :)

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