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Re: Using bbpress as my “blog”… adding a header navbar

because every second post I read here seems to be trouble with integration not working out, and an enormous headache.

I just want it all to be easy. I want bbsync to work again, but like so many 3rd party things, it died. That’s why I’m having trouble committing to any CMS, one does XYZ but not ABC, requiring a plug in (that could die), the other does ABC but not XYZ which is again a 3rd party plug-in, which again could die.

I really want one software, a community portal. It has to have a nice home page, a nice blog, and a nice forum community side to it.

I want all the features of each to be CORE (no vital 3rd party functions dying) and already installed, “out of the box”. (EG: BBpress being “fully loaded” like SMF and phpbb3. Just click boxes for the functions you want to work!)

I want a “bbsync” styled function to be core. EG: Each blog article submitted by our expert authors would be automatically copied across to a forum and auto-linked to the forum.

EG: At the bottom it would say “If you enjoyed this article, please click HERE to leave a comment”.

As far as I know, the Kunena forum team for Joomla might be developing something like this for the Joomla core blog, but the core blog is VERY minimalist and doesn’t even seem to have an archive function! So my preference would be if WordPress made BBpress a “fully loaded plugin” (automatically integrated) with bbsync as a core option as well.

But if Kunena are bringing their own version of ‘Joomlablog sync’ to life with K1.6, then maybe I’ll just have to convert CMS’s.

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