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Re: User Roles Issue

John James Jacoby


It’s really almost impossible as the role data is serialized within the wp_usermeta table… I was poking around in there and figured it was best left alone, even if it’s not working, it ain’t quite totally broken yet.

I’ve found that when I have everything all hooked together, that the capabilities of my users seems off. Like as it sits right now, with WordPress and bbPress together, I can’t even make a topic or reply.

I think that the problem takes places in bb-includes/capabilities.php, somewhere around line 29

$retvalue = call_user_func_array(array(&$bb_current_user, 'has_cap'), $args);

For me, this function returns nothing when the value is indeed true or 1 in the $bb_current_user array… But it only messes up when WordPress is included in the bb-config.php file, otherwise it’s fine…

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