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Re: User ID = 999999999?

Ok this worked for me, here’s how I actually reset the auto_increment counter.

NOTE: If you’ve already integrated WP and bbpress and/or if you’ve already had a bunch of new users register, this wont be so easy for you. If however, you’ve performed a fresh installation and conversion then this will be simple.

1. make sure one of my existing users in the normal ID range is a Key_Master (this is very important). For me, I made one of my users with ID =5 the Key Master.

2. login with the new Key Master, and delete all the users who are registered with a number => 999999999. For me this wasn’t a problem because “admin” was the only user, I haven’t had any new user registrations. If you do have new users in the 1000000000 range you’ll need to reset their ID’s (I’m not a MySQL guy so I dunno how)

3. Once all users in the ugly high number range are deleted, you can run the command to reset the counter on your *_users table, for me it was:


I just added a few new users and they indeed started at ID 400.

BTW, here’s the code in the phpbbtobbpress.php converter that sets this very high ID:

//Let's clean up the trash.
//Your admin user will be given the biggest possible ID (I tried the biggest BIGINT but it didn't work inside bbPress)
//If you have more than 999999999 users on your forum, you may have problems... ;-)
@mysql_query ("UPDATE " . $bbpress_tables['users'] . " SET ID=999999999 WHERE ID=1");
@mysql_query ("UPDATE " . $bbpress_tables['usermeta'] . " SET user_id=999999999 WHERE user_id=1");
@mysql_query("TRUNCATE TABLE " . $bbpress_tables['forums']);

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