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Re: User ID = 999999999?



So, it sounds like this is related to the conversion from phpBB. At least that narrows it down.

In phpMyAdmin, select the table (be that bb_users or wp_users) and then select the “operations” tab up top. On that page, near the bottom are “Table options:” and in there is a field that says [ xxx ] auto_increment where the xxx is the next auto_increment value that will be used. That’s where you would change it.

You should first figure out what that value should be, and you should also fix the other high numbered users. But that’s where you reset it with phpMyAdmin. *** Perform at your own risk. ***

You can also just do it with SQL:

ALTER TABLE 'wp_users' AUTO_INCREMENT =whatever-number

The wp_users tablename might be bb_users or something else in your install. Also, the table name should be backticked, but you can’t do that in a block of code that’s already backticked here :D

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