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Re: Unresolved Private Forums



Thanks, though I did try Hidden Forums on my bbPress. It didn’t work as expected, hiding the first forum when it shouldn’t have done. I’ll give it another look though, as Private Forums is going to have me demented within a week.


From my other topic on Bad Behaviour just now: I did have Akismet, Skip Akismet for admins, and Bad Behaviour too, but have now removed these. Interestingly enough, Private Forums now works perfectly, even when I disable and re-enable other plugins or change their settings.

Private Forums looks and works exactly as my inexperienced forum users expect. A consistent interface is far less worrying to technophobes than various displays appearing when triggered by different plugins. Private forums are just marked with an asterix, and all not-logged-in ‘errors’ now go to the same page, which looks identical to the rest of the theme, asking the user to register/log-in.

You can see what I mean at Select a private forum to see the display. Then go back, view the Important Information forum, view a topic, then select ‘Key Master’ (for profile) or ‘PM this user’; same display. (This is a more open forum than the other, but I set a few forums as private to keep community bods happy).

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