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Re: Unique Style Sheet?

Once again, I think this is done by default. WP has its theme and content. bbPress has its theme and content.

As usual..more details.

I am really trying to use elements from wp on the bb side, such as sidebar…so I’m calling

<?php get_sidebar(); ?>

on pages like this one:

However, I have so many questions as to how to handle the login box in sidebar…Should it:

– Go to BBPress login/register page always (wp or bb)

– Go to WP login/register page always

– Go to respective login/register pages depending on which side the click originated?

Then, depending on that configuration, redirect questions ensue.

I know this is probably a matter of preference, but I’m indifferent, and wondering what will overall be the best solution for the user. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

– Login Redirects to last visited page

It seems to me that if you are integrated, both bbPress and WP use the wp_users table in the database so wherever you login will be redirected to the last visited page (as both programs do this now). It is easy to have th login in the header.php of your template in bbPress and just adding the login box to WP in sidebar also has login on every page.

I have already made a tweak to the redirect in wp-admin to go back to the homepage in wp. I did this because it was redirecting to the profile.php page when a user logged in, instead of to the last page they were visiting. Is that the default behavior, or did I miss something? I am on wp v.2.0.5, so maybe something has changed in version 2.1 which changes this behavior?


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