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Re: Unique Style Sheet?

Thanks again. Hey, since I have you here, maybe I can ask you a quick one…I’m looking for a way to display content solely based on whether it’s a wordpress page or a bbpress page. For instance, I would like to have the login controls for the wordpress site be in the sidebar when wp is loaded, and the bbpress controls there when bb is loaded.

I imagine it wouldn’t matter which way the user logged in, but there are a few things I would like which I haven’t been able to achieve due to the way I have to put absolute path for redirects, etc. Here are the features I need, maybe you can suggest a more elegant solution for them?:

– Login Redirects to last visited page

– Display selective content based on which side the user’s on (bb vs wp)

– I seem to be having some issues with relative paths? (Actually, I think I may have just figured this out, and I may just be dumb)

– Some other thing I’ll ask about in 7 minutes or less, I’m sure…

I’m a beginner, but not a newb. (anymore). I feel I am getting a pretty good grasp, but I still get confused now and again. Thanks for any feedback you can give.

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