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Re: tuzhak !== bozo; tuzhak === link-farmer;

I don’t mind if you go into this, no. A topic with a username referenced as a bozo is asking for problems if that user is not indeed a spammer. Forums sometimes are not a ‘pretty’ place and this is definetely the case over at Ultimately, it is mdawaffe, Matt or I that has to deal with the issues in these forums and we all look at the modlook tag, so it is easier for us to be alerted to these disucssions when we don’t have a chance to read “all” threads.

It seems that you and Sam were most likely 100% right that the user may be at fault here, but realize that if you are not right on this one it can cause someone hard feelings. Discussion is obviously a great thing and encouraged and closing the thread, while premature, is damage control. Clear as mud? :)

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