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Re: Trying to use ‘bbpress’ theme in bbpress



Yes prof; the original Kakumei theme had a bbPress logo there. Look for this in the template’s style.css file;

#header {

and add right after it;

background: url(‘images/my-image.png’) no-repeat bottom right;

where my-image.png is the image you’ve placed into the theme’s /images folder.

If the logo looks too far down, change ‘bottom right’ to ‘center right’. You can make the image a png or a gif with a transparent background, though you might find it looks a bit ‘edgy’ against the graduated fill of the header. (That’s why I ditched my own logo, though I’ll spend some time getting it right once everything’s finished).

One other thing, your username is very long and runs into the post text. I’ve seen a few threads about this kind of thing, as long URLs do it too (though _ck_ I think posted a fix for it). Anyway, I’ve just uploaded a tweaked – just a few things spaced better, and the long names should be cut off. Can’t think of a better way to do it, but try it and I’ll have a look at your site again. There is a file modification which limits the length of usernames when registering, so I’ll have another look for it.

If you want minor changes in things like font sizes, by the way, just copy the style.css file out of the zip, modify it and FTP into the theme on your server. If it breaks, you can always copy the original back over it.

[Edit] Found it, and have limited the username to 18 characters, which should fit ok. Theme’s uploaded again.

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