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Re: Trying to integrate bbpress with my wordpress

That’s because you’re using a left-hand margin on your sidebar and your main div to push them to the right.

<div id="main">
<div id="discussions">

<div id="secondary">

That’s roughly your HTML structure. Main is the full width of the central white bar, so there’s no way you can get Secondary next to it. Discussions is a sub-part of Main, and it’s pushed over to the right by a large margin on the left.

Secondary is not part of Main, and pushed over to the far right because it has a humoungous 71% margin.

Firstly you want to put Secondary into your Main div, otherwise there’s no way to do it. Then you need to put either one on the left; the way to do this would be to get rid of its giant margin. That should work.

Otherwise, if you’re not doing it by the margin property, you could put Secondary into Main again, then give Secondary and Discussions a float: left; and a float: right; property (or the other way around). If there’s enough room, they should now be side by side – otherwise make them narrower.

You can also get rid of the wrapper‘s border properties, that’s what’s giving you the double-width line.

That’s a nice theme you made, though. :)

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