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Re: Troubleshoot integration

This stuff is frustrating as all hell. It seems so simple until it doesn’t work out of the box and you spend hours trying to figure it out. Fix these kinds of problems and you’re golden!

Anyhow, just downloaded and installed the latest wordpress mu and bbpress today.

wordpress in DocumentRoot, and bbpress in DocumentRoot/forums/

Both in mysql 5.x database named wordpress.

When installing bbpress, I did not enable wordpress integration.

I followed this checklist:

1. You are running latest versions of WordPress (2.5.1) and bbPress (

2. You have matched SECRET_KEY in wp-config.php with BB_SECRET_KEY in bb-config.php

3. You have matched WordPress “secret” database option with bbPress “secret” database setting

4. You have setup compatible cookie domains and paths in config files (see instructions in bbPress admin)

5. You are successfully sharing user tables from WordPress with bbPress

Everything seems to be right.

BIG FIRST PROBLEM is I setup the roles on the wordpress integration page so “admin” is “key master.” As soon as I turn on integration, my old key master is gone and admin can login but is NOT key master. Google is my friend, most of the time, and I found a query to do by hand to fix it. This should be automatic in the install process of bbpress or turn on of integration, no?

So I’m able to login to wordpress. I login to bbpress. My user’s password is wiped out in wordpress. I can do lost password thingy in wordpress and restore the password. When I navigate to /forums/ and login as my user, the password in wordpress is wiped out again. Oddly, I can login as my user at bbpress over and over again, no problem.


1) my user is a user I created on wordpress, and he has admin privs and thus key master privs in bbpress. I see the admin link in bbpress when I login. But when I do login, wordpress won’t accept this user’s password anymore. I either have to keep loging into wordpress as admin and resetting the user’s password or go through the forgot password by email process. Changing the user’s password in bbpress has no effect on wordpress.

2) The integration forum in admin is confusing as all hell. Or maybe the installation process is not well documented. Maybe a page on your site about how to install the two together and get the integration working would be good. For example, should bbpress and wordpress share the same database? Not clear. The integration page asks for both a site url and a blog url, what’s the difference?

3) Did anyone try doing a fresh install of both as part of your Q/A before releasing a latest version of bbpress?

4) If I can’t get the password problem resolved, bbpress is the one to go, not wordpress.

5) I probably should post some of this in multiple threads, but I doubt there’s any notification feature that would e-mail me if/should anyone reply to my posts :)

6) I want to give bbpress every opportunity to replace my existing 20K+ member / 1.6M post message board site.

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