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Re: treeview and history

Thanks for your reply. Let me give you more information about what I want to do. Think about newsreader programs like outlook express or thunderbird. There is a three pane view. On the left there are topics, on the up-right there is a three view and on the right-down there is a reading pane. And furthermore, when you read a post, the color of the post is changing. Therefore read messages and unread messages are in different colors (at least unread one is bold). At the and you can easly see what posts you read and what posts you haven’t read.

When it comes to our case, I want to implement a similar thing. I want to show forum messages in a three view structure. This is first step and lucky It doesn’t seems hard. By adding some hierarchical structure into database, I think I can acchive this. What is hard is second step.

In second step, I want to keep what reader read. So that on whichever computer user log in s/he can easly saw which posts she read, and which one she haven’t read. As in case of news reader program. But instead of keeping it locally, I will keep each users history in the database. And here your suggestions come. How should I keep what posts users have read? The simplest idea is to make a table (id, userId, readPostId) and whenever reader open a topic, checking which posts in this topic are read. But thinking about all the users, and posts that each one is read, I am a bit scaring. Will it be a total faiulere?

Don’t confuse it, I didn’t want to make a web based news reader. I am going to use bbpress, just some modifications, a different view and an extra feature. I think it’s more understandable now. Thank you in advance, for your suggestions.

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