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Re: Topics Per Page plugin – new problem



Yep I downloaded the most current version of the plugin, and did not modify it in any way at all.

I did try using the mod_rewrite instructions (called the file rewrite-rules.php from my browser, copied and pasted the resulting rules into my .htaccess file, and then went to settings and chose the pretty permalink), but it just results in 404 errors when I click on any of my links.

I’m certain that’s because the rewrite rules are adding in to the URL an extra level as such:

what should be /Forum/forum-guidelines-please-read/ becomes /Forum/topic/forum-guidelines-please-read

Same for the forums – it is inserting and extra /forum into the path. Unfortuanately I don’t know enough about mod_rewrite (okay really nothing at all about it) so I am not able to correct the rules myself. OR if the problem is not with the rewrite rules but something in the core code, that’s beyond me too. I just know it’s adding something to the path that shouldn’t be there.

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