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Re: Topics Per Page plugin – new problem



I use TextWrangler, from BareBones software – it’s a free text editor that has a lot of the features of their pay-for text editor, BBEdit (it replaced BBEdit Lite). To the best of my knowledge it’s not supposed to do something like that (pasting whitespace) and I haven’t had trouble in the past, but you never know – it could have been something in the process of copying it from my browser window after running rewrite-rules.php and then pasting it into TextWrangler that added some whitespace….

I’ll definitely keep that in mind next time I’m copying and pasting anything…….

And you’re welcome for the donation – as mentioned it was very well deserved! I’m self-employed and have a tiny budget, but I always try to reward plugin and theme developers, especially when they are so nice about providing support that goes way above and beyond the norm as you have :)

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