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Re: Topics Per Page plugin – new problem



Well I am THRILLED to report that it finally ALL works as it should!

The odd part is that I never found any errors when I added the RewriteRule lines back in one by one – it was time consuming but worth it in the end (seems strange that copying & pasting the whole block in at once triggered the 500 error, but doing them one by one did not, but oh well – sometimes it’s just better to not question things too deeply)….

I even added in the three lines needed for the plugin and had no trouble, so now the page numbers are working perfectly on the front page.

I can’t thank you enough for all your patience and perseverance with this problem….I just sent you a well-deserved donation via your link on the showcase…….if I were ever going to have kids I’d seriously consider naming my firstborn _ck_ :)

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