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Re: Topics Per Page plugin – new problem



Hi _ck_ – thanks for helping.

Here is a link from the front page to a topic:

I reported it working because the numbers showed up exactly how I wanted to see them, but I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t actually “click” on the numbers at that point to be sure they actually worked correctly.

I didn’t change the plugin in any way. It does work perfectly on the other pages – the individual forum list of topics (forum.php) and the topic itself with the posts (topic.php)……I only get this error if I click on the additional page numbers on the front page.

(p.s. – I would LIKE to use pretty permalinks, but have not been able to get that working, even after reading everything I could find here on the subject and trying all of the suggestions – I’m hoping a future version of bbPress will fix this issue, but for now I’m stuck with the ugly permalinks)

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