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Re: Topic paging issue



Okay I see the problem now with the next page link on page 4, which takes it to an empty page.

That in theory is a slightly different problem.

We can see that bbpress thinks there are 81 posts (visible) in the topic.

And there are 20 posts per page on the default setup.

So yeah, there should be a page 5.

Somehow post 81 is showing on page 4

page 1: 1-20

page 2: 21-41 <<<< mistake, post-position 24 is missing

page 3: 42-61

page 4: 62-81

Something started going wrong on page 2 I think?

It should start at 21 and go to 40.

Let me go back and look at that.

Yup, there is a gap for 23-25

That means that number count is showing post-position and 24 has been deleted.

So the example I show above with the pages, imagine post 24 is post 4 from the example.

bbPress is being stupid and rounding up for some reason.

There aren’t 81 posts in the topic, there are 80.

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