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Re: Topic paging issue



I am now trying to recreate the problem. I was unable to do so on new topic and can’t remember exactly what I did last time. It just recounts all post numbers and everything works fine. It is stupid of me, but somehow I think that I may have tampered with the post physically – on phpMyAdmin. I am not sure about this, I do lots of stupid things.

I have now temporarily closed this topic (it is most active one in my whole forum) and added some posts to replicate the problem:

Forum says there are 81 posts and 5 pages. On page #2 post #24 is missing.

Page #5 is “empty”. If I unlock the topic, reply form is on page #5 and not #4, where the last post is.

Sorry, I am not so good with CMS-related stuff.. I do know some PHP and MySQL, but some basic help may be needed.

P.S. Very nice to hear you also have an e-bike! I have been riding this one for a while:

And hopefully will ride a DIY electric scooter in couple of weeks.

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