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Re: Topic paging issue



I must be missing the problem here.

The “latest reply” link works.

When I am on page 3, the page 4 link works.

What specifically is not working?

Are you saying the problem is intermittent?

ps. I use an ebike with a custom lifepo4 battery :-)

Oh wait, I see what you saying now

he problem vanished when one reply was written.

It will reappear when someone writes a reply last on that page.

so it’s an even/odd problem

if there are an even number of posts, it works,

if there is an uneven number, it does not work

Did you try the trick of deleting one post and then undeleting it?

There must be a bug in the way bbPress calculates post-position when there are deleted posts. I wonder if it’s specific to 1.x

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