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Re: top 100 bbPress sites



I am pleased to have something to finally show for all my searching efforts.

This list is obviously unofficial and just in beta test, I am still adding features and making corrections:

There are roughly 1,000 sites listed, with the top 100 to showcase either sheer number of members/posts or user votes for style, etc.

Right now they are listed in order of total members (but you can sort). I will have it eventually list by a weight between members, posts and votes for style.

Also there will be user voting and preview thumbnails of the sites. (I was trying to use snap previews but it suddenly stopped working for me, so they might not have liked hundreds of links on a page, LOL – they are slow anyway and I want to learn to do snapshots via crawling code anyway)

Some interesting observations/conclusions from all my work on this (whew):

1. There are roughly 1000 public bbpress sites in existance

2. A great deal (>~80%) of these sites have less than double-digit members, hence I consider them “micro forums”

3. bbPress is being adopted worldwide in an impressive variety of countries and languages

4. SEO’er/search engine spammers/made-for-adsense makers seem to have found and love bbPress (unfortunately)

5. There are some really amazing designs out there

6. Apparently the people that participate on are a very small fraction of the people using bbPress!

7. At least several dozen sites had installed bbPress and uninstalled it a few weeks later :-(

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