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Re: top 100 bbPress sites

Not much traffic – but I’ve got Refresh going for my plugin blog and forums. Matches quite nicely – I mucked with the themes a bit but the ports were done by others thankfully. Getting the integration and WP sidebar on the forums took some fun mucking in the code…

One of these days I’ll diff the changes I made to the Refresh port to get it to match the WP theme and have everything line up properly…

This site is still under development:

Still need to tweak the theme some, but I’ve made a variety of navigational changes. Click any topic and look at the meta section. Click on a forum and note the navigation links. Click on a subforum and note the breadcrumb trail. On the front page – I like having the latest posts first, but added a ‘Forums’ column to indicate where they were and make it easier for folks to jump into a forum (no scrolling down for active forums)

Still a bit to do, but it’s working better each day. The theme will eventually be green – thus the green ads. I keep trying to convince myself NOT to shoehorn in AJAX posting – but I really miss it – something that made bbPress ‘cool’

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