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Re: threaded forum ?

Just thought I would update this post as nothing seems to have been said about the threaded posts plugin recently (

I’m in the process of setting up a forum and one of the requirements was for threaded posts so I have used this plugin.

I have it installed on the most recent version of BBpress (“Bechet” version 1.0.3) and on it’s own it works fine.

To get it to work I did have to follow the comments on the info page for this plugin. Pretty much just changed some file names.

If you want to use the threaded post plugin along with the BBpress moderation suite then you will run into problems when you come to moving and splitting threads since the moderation suite doesn’t know anything about the threaded post functionality and just cannot deal with it. So you will have your work cut out trying to hack the moderation suite to take into account the threaded posts (it is doable though).

Also the threaded post plugin may fail to list the threaded posts correctly if used in conjunction with other plugins that change the mysql query for displaying posts on the topic page. Since this plugin checks EVERY database query and if it matches what the plugin thinks is a request to display all posts from a topic then it intervenes and add something extra to the query to list the threaded posts in the right place.

As part of that, in the code for this plugin it actually says “# FIXME: This is a horrible horrible hack” in the no_child_posts function. Well I had to fix it in order for it to play nicely with some private forum functionality that changes the mysql query when requesting posts for a topic. The code I created that replaces the no_child_posts functionality is below.

function threaded_sql_where($where){

return $where . ” AND pp.post_id is NULL “;


add_filter(‘get_thread_where’, ‘threaded_sql_where’, 10, 1);

function threaded_sql_join(){

return “LEFT JOIN bb_post_parent AS pp ON pp.post_id = p.post_id”;


add_filter(‘get_thread_join’, ‘threaded_sql_join’, 10, 1);

You can download my modified version of the threaded posts plugin here:

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