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Re: threaded forum ?

“It can be accomplished with bbPress, with a little elbow grease, but I definitely don’t think it should rate on the list of core upgrades included in the next release. “

Google Wave supports threaded dicussions, cos threads are out of date, stupid, no purpose to them etc. ????

To be able to iron out a point raised during a discussion it is critical to discuss the same point in a branch and not someware 50 comments away. If you have threads the you can choose to use them or not.

Users want bbpress cos it integrates with WP not cos it’s a great product. It’s crap. Lacks basic functionality like private forums, threaded discussions. If you add to that comments like Ola’f “I don’t get you, if you’re looking for a different kind of forum software, why don’t you ask the other forum what software he is using… ” then no one should use bbpress and it should be pulled out.

“There was a plugin to allow for a threaded forum. It’s almost a year old though:

Doesn’t work with bbpress v1.0.

Check out

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