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Re: “This topic is not a support question”

bbPress 0.80 will not have the topic resolution stuff. There will be a plugin to re-implement it for those that want it.

Okay, Is there someone working on one at this present time, or..? I was just wondering, because for those downloading SVN commits of bbPress files.. it would be nice to have this plugin already uploaded and handy..

Especially with a few SVN commits back, that was partly, or totally removed already.. right? Thanks in advanced.. ;) :)

/Me didn’t upload that part of the SVN commit(s), but will apply changes manually if need be.. ;)

Well, I could just leave those files alone for my forums, and if any new SVN commits come through, for other code changes within those “specific files”.. I can manually apply the changes.. I just want to keep this for my forums, just incase needed. ;)


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