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Re: This forum tagline is tell us what you are thinking?



Hi Ipstenu,

Once again you are spot on mate.

I’m not in anyway suggesting that the mods/owners don’t have the right to close / delete a forum post, in fact i respect their right to do so. But i also think if someone’s taken the time to write a constructive post then there should be a common decency to at least tell them why it’s been closed and then deleted within 5 minutes of it being posted. Respect kinda has to go both ways.

I doubt the post is being “mulled over” though, as it’s been deleted and not closed. I know this because i went to fix a typo less than 2 minutes after posting (there’s a typo in the firs paragraph) and it was closed. So who every closed it, did so without reading the post. It was deleted not long after.

I’m not going to flog a dead horse, or push a personal agenda; the mods have a right to do what they want – but i would like to reiterate that if people still refer to this as an open-source project and us contributors as a community, then we have to accept that there will be voices out there that don’t 100% agree with us on everything. Deleting posts that detail such opinions only makes the consensus of a view point insular and narrow.

BBpress has amazing potential, I hope it succeeds, i want to help make it succeed.

If _ck_ isn’t updating her plugins for any of the alpha or beta releases, then we’re effectively given a free-er reign here to not worry about backward compatibility (as lets be honest, _ck_’s plugins are freaking’ awesome); then surely now is the time to ask the hard questions.

I am not, in any way shape or form, suggesting a complete rewrite or anything like that. But if we put our BA or PM heads on and ask ourselves:

1) Is BBpress moving in the right direction?

2) Is the legacy code from before Sam took ownership causing issues?

3) If we had a clean slate and unlimited time, what would be fix?

Now the answers may be 1) Yes, 2) No, 3) nothing it’s all working fine. And if they are that’s cool, but sometimes there is a big difference between am end-user view, a developer view, owner view and a Project Manager view. Even if everyone is in complete agreement (unlikely in any community), the right and ability to question can only help but guide the project and give reassurance to its contributors.

It might also end all of these timeline/compatibility/development/plug-in questions we’re getting (and going to get more) – thus making the lives of the mods alot easier.

BBpress has amazing potential, I hope it succeeds, i want to help make it succeed.

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