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Re: Thinking of using bbPress for a forum…

I’ll take a crack at this!

1) I’m not sure about this, but if it doesn’t exist then I’m pretty sure it can be added through a plugin.

2) The “bb-attachments” plugin allows users to upload images and other files:

3) I was able to match the look of my WordPress blog to my bbPress forums pretty easily

4) There’s a five star rating plugin here:

I’m a big fan of bbPress, and have been using it for over a year. There are some people who have mixed feelings on bbPress though – you can read about that here:

I haven’t had problems integrating signin or matching my theme. However, I have a site with one WordPress install and three bbPress installs, all using a shared users table… and each system has its own profile link. I hear that BackPress should solve this eventually (a single profile system that will integrate across multiple installs like this), so I’m sticking with the *Press platform for now. But it’s been my biggest issue so far, so thought I’d share in case it’s something you need right away.

Good luck!

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