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Re: There doesn’t seem to be a config.php file. I need this…

Yeah i already renamed it – actually I copied it and changed the name of my copy then edited it:


// ** MySQL settings ** //

define(‘BBDB_NAME’, ‘themboy7_bbpres’); // The name of the database

define(‘BBDB_USER’, ‘themboy7_tmgforu’); // Your MySQL username

define(‘BBDB_PASSWORD’, ‘**********’); // …and password

define(‘BBDB_HOST’, ‘localhost’); // 99% chance you won’t need to change this value

// Change the prefix if you want to have multiple forums in a single database.

$bb_table_prefix = ‘bb_’; // Only letters, numbers and underscores please!

// If your bbPress URL is , the examples would be correct.

// Adjust the domain and path to suit your actual URL.

// Just the domain name; no directories or path. There should be no trailing slash here.

$bb->domain = ‘;; // Example: ‘;

// There should be both a leading and trailing slash here. ‘/’ is fine if the site is in root.

$bb->path = ‘/forum/’; // Example: ‘/forums/’

// What are you going to call me?

$bb->name = ‘TMG Forum’;

// This must be set before running the install script.

$bb->admin_email = ‘’;

// Set to true if you want pretty permalinks.

$bb->mod_rewrite = true;

// The number of topics that show on each page.

$bb->page_topics = 30;

// A user can edit a post for this many minutes after submitting.

$bb->edit_lock = 60;

// Your timezone offset. Example: -7 for Pacific Daylight Time.

$bb->gmt_offset = 0;

// Your Akismet Key. You do not need a key to run bbPress, but if you want to take advantage

// of Akismet’s powerful spam blocking, you’ll need one. You can get an Akismet key at


$bb->akismet_key = ***********;

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